Healthcare AI Leader Docsynk Announces New Identity As FelixHealthcare.AI

Healthcare AI Leader Docsynk Announces New Identity As FelixHealthcare.AI

DALLAS, TX – Award-winning healthcare AI innovator DocSynk announces its rebranding to FelixHealthcare.AI.  The announcement comes at a key inflection point for the company as it continues to progress towards key industry partnerships, scaling its team and moving towards Series A funding later this year.

The recent and ongoing COVID-19 crisis has highlighted gaps in the healthcare system:  from identifying at risk populations to prioritize for testing, quickly making telemedicine available from smaller clinics and maintaining business processes after employees transitioned to remote work after working in very traditional office settings.  The Felix team sees the opportunity to improve all facets of the healthcare experience using its technology, industry advisor expertise and rapid concept-to-results approach.

“In spite of the current Covid-19 crisis, we have seen a rapid adoption in the use of AI-driven platforms like ours to help make global operations more efficient” says Prabhakar Reddy, Board Member and Operating Partner.


According to the founder and CEO, Vaidyanatha Siva, “The Latin word Felix can be translated to – happy, lucky, blessed, successful, fruitful”.

“We want to upend the status quo. We want to change the dreary interactions that most of us face with healthcare. We want healthcare outcomes to be “successful”. Moreover, we want the journey to be “happy”. For all stakeholders.

  • For the patients: with our ability to provide advanced warning for early onset of disease or preventable admission, we can potentially change a health trajectory.
  • For physicians and other care providers:  a leading reason for clinicians’ burnout is the administrative burden and the precious time it takes away from meaningful conversation with their patients.  Our AI engine encapsulates all of the alerts, test results and other data to truly add to the patient care process.
  • Healthcare back-office:  reduce the repetitive tasks that can make the workdays blend all together and allow for more action-oriented behavior to improve the patient experience.
  • For industry:  regain lost dollars and put them towards actual patient care, whether it’s taking care of those whose financial situations translate to early death/chronic health issue or enhancing cutting-edge medical research programs.”

He concludes, “We want to help enable a “successful” outcome and a “happy” experience for ALL healthcare stakeholders.

Our slogan is –

Make. Healthcare. Better”.

We do it using our healthcare AI platform.

With the rebranding comes a new web presence at